Chimeras + Forsaken

When moving, inevitably, there follows adaptation, conversion, connection, and disconnection. These changes are not always perceptible to our bodies. But we, as aliens, deeply sense that we do not exist in the geographical location that we stand on. Aliens live in another world overlaying on top of reality. This project is an attempt to visualize that world.
Jeewon collected adapters and recreated them into an object that did not serve its purpose.(Chimeras) Tom asked his friends to send images while they heard people making phone calls.(The Forsaken) Together, we put them on the web, in print, and in installation. The website changes its content according to the IP address people use. Some parts are lost, just like we lose things in translation.
While this project started from two people’s experiences as aliens, it hopes to celebrate everyone‘s misfits, endeavors, trials, and errors while accommodating a new environment, system, and community.

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PDF portfolio and CV available upon request.