Exhibition Identity Design for Jane Lee

Jane Lee’s MFA Thesis Show What Continues When You Close Your Eyes delves into “in-between space,” in the time when the meaning of space is redefined due to increasing levels of mobility, and the development of the digital world. Drawing from her personal experience of moving, Lee’s practice explores the uncertainty of perceiving the world through instability. From her research on the relationship between spatial experience and memory, this exhibition presents a site-specific installation along with two books—a book of poetry Verge (2024) and an interview collection in Place (2024). 

Lee invites the viewers to move and engage in a sensory experience through the liminal space created in the gallery. Overlaid translucent walls and a glossy tile floor transform the layout and texture of the original space into an experience of transition. Paintings inside the installation serve as objects which hold memories in a spatial dimension. Throughout the exhibition, the artist raises questions—the way space is conceived and how it affects our psychological state when there is no stable ground—about the contemporary definitions of space: how are some definitions expanded while others are lost. 

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PDF portfolio and CV available upon request.